Beauty Treatment Bali 



Threading is a time old tradition of hair removal practiced in many Asian and Arabic nations and now gaining popularity in the West. The hair is removed in an entire row, resulting in a straighter line. Your practitioner uses twisted cotton thread between their fingers to pull out the hair at the roots, leaving the area hair free.

Eyebrow Style (15 minutes) 90 K Book now

Upper Lip (10 minutes) 90 K Book now

Cheeks (15 minutes) 125 K Book now

Chin (10 minutes) 75 K Book now

Full Face (15 minutes) 280 K Book now


Give yourself an instant eyelift and get lashings of attention. Brilliant perming and tinting treatments for eyelashes and brows using imported products from Australia. Perfect for those with sensitivity to mascara or who just wish to enhance their peepers!

Belmacil eyelash tint (15 minutes) 160 K Book now

Belmacil brow tint (10 minutes) 120 K Book now

Eyelash perming (30 minutes) 220 K Book now


If you are in the habit of batting your eyelashes, then listen up: Eyelash extensions are the latest craze to enhance your peepers. No more messy mascara needed. Add 20 to 25 more lashes per eye with 8mm to 14mm in length. Made from silk fibers, grafted onto your own lashes and lasting approximately 2 – 3 weeks!

Full set (90 to 120 minutes) 550 K Book now

Re-fill set (30 minutes max 7 lashes per eye) 275 K Book now

 *Do not swim or wet face for 48 hours after application