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It’s almost a sin to visit Bali and not book a spa appointment (or two), but we also know great places can be hard to find when you’re smack bang in the middle of tourist havens like Seminyak.

Nestled right above the famed Made’s Warung is Kaiana Spa and Salon. With its heavenly interiors, natural light and colonial charm, it’s the perfect getaway from your getaway! Whether you come to get pampered or bikini-ready, you’ll find everything on their menu is worth its weight in gold.

We’re holding out to try the new treatments coming on to the menu this month. Harness the health benefits of ice when Kaiana becomes one of the first spas to offer “Ice Cream Baths” in Bali. They’ll also have a new “Anti-Cellulite Massage”, promising to smooth out body bits we’re a little less than proud of, by improving our circulation and breaking down those nasty toxins.

Kaiana Spa and Salon | Honeycombers Bali

But until those treatments arrive, we’ll happily settle for one of our faves. Their “Healing Stone Therapy” is already a Kaiana classic, and for very good reason. If you’ve never tried one before, you need to add it to your spa ritual asap. Using a combination of deep tissue massage and placing water-heated stones on pressure points we didn’t even know existed, you can quite literally feel the tension melting away.

If you favour the complete head to toe treatment, why not try Kaiana Spa’s in-house, NYC-trained master-stylist?

Enjoy 20% off on all spa services as a part of their Grand Opening Special, but it only lasts till the end of the year so book those appointments now!

Kaiana Spa and Salon, Level 2, Made’s Warung, Jl. Raya Seminyak, p. 0361 730562/737067, e.info@kaianaspa.com.

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This article is sponsored by Kaiana Spa and Salon.