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Gallery | Kaiana Salon & Spa Bali | salon spa bali salon spa bali

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After getting the cut and color treatment of your life at a salon, tipping your artist for a job well-done is the next obvious step, but often times the lines get blurred when deciding just how much to give and exactly who should get a tip. The situation can become downright hairy (pun intended) when there were multiple people involved.

Should you tip the person shampooing your hair as well as your stylist? How much is considered too much? And what happens if you get a discount? To clear things up once and for all, we decided to ask three pro hairstylists to tell us all about the intricacies of tipping at the salon, and exactly who should get one.For starters, 20% of the price of any service is considered pretty standard as far as how much to tip your stylist, but you should also remember to include all of the people involved in the process. “In the salon, you should tip your hairstylist, but also the people who come with your stylist—their assistant, the person shampooing your hair, and maybe the coat check if you leave anything there,” says Francois Fortin, Senior Stylist at New York City’s Salon Ziba.

Many salons have the option for you to leave the tip at the front desk when you pay, and that typically gets split up among each party, but if you prefer to divvy it up yourself and hand it to each person directly, you can do so. Colorist Beth Minardi suggests tipping the person who shampoos your hair anywhere from $3 to $5, and because many salons are unable to add the tip onto the final amount should you choose to pay with a card, she recommends using cash to ease the process.